What event isn’t improved by the presence of a mascot? Whether for your school, sports team, society or business, a fun, recognizable mascot entertains children and adults alike, all the while raising or establishing brand awareness. If you have an already well-established brand then a costumed mascot can act as a goodwill ambassador in the community for your team, company, or organization.

At Curlywilly we have a wide variety of mascot costumes, from bears to rabbits to cats, fruit, cartoon characters – the lot! Your event can be inspired by the presence of a mascot, who can go walkabout at your event and create a focal point for your brand, adding that much needed element of theatricality. Mascots are commonly used at carnivals, charity fundraisers, football and rugby matches, corporate events… the list is endless!

Whether for marketing purposes or for charity promotion, Curlywilly bespoke mascot service is guaranteed to set your event off with a bang! Choose from our extensive range of ideas for mascot characters made in the past by ourselves, or why not collaborate with us to create your very own mascot!

Bingo dabber mascot costume
Subways Chilli and Olive mascot costume
Coalville Cougar's basket ball sports mascot costume
Welly Crazy egg mascot costume
echoes-elephant mascot costume
giant bumble-bee mascot costume
ginger bread mascot costume
g-man superhero muscle mascot costume
h and t cat mascot costume
h and t dog mascot costume
Harry young boy mascot costume
Harvey heart mascot costume
Jofli bear mascot costume
knorr Crazy Turky mascot costume
leek mascot costume
mushy malc pea mascot costume costume
old news paper mascot costume
orange mascot costume
Podget alien mascot costume